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Put your name on the list today and automatically be entered into our drawing for dinner at the best Rockville restaurants.


Your support is important to us.

Help us to make Rockville, MD a great place 

to live and dinning out.

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©2019 Rockville Restaurant Week

By applying to participate in 2020 Rockville Restaurant Week, your business agrees to the following:


  • I agree to offer a minimum of two courses and  five options per course.


  • I reserve the right to offer a selection of menu options at any of these price points, which will be clearly communicated to diners on my website and in menus. Price excludes beverages, tax, and gratuity unless otherwise noted by restaurant.


  • I understand that my restaurant information will be included in promotional materials, where restaurants are listed. My website will be linked to the Rockville Restaurant Week and Partnership’s websites.

  • I agree to posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to promote my restaurant’s participation before/during Restaurant Week. 


  • I agree to train my staff and make them aware of Restaurant Week promotions taking place during Restaurant Week to better serve customers during the promotion.


  • Only Rockville restaurants or supporters of a partnering organization are eligible to participate. Payment and application must be received by March 31 2020, to participate.